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Problems with Cabling for an Entrance Intercom?
Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Problems with Cabling for an Entrance Intercom?

You can install the 4G/LTE intercom anywhere. All you need is a power source and SIM card.

Working on a gated communities project? Or not sure what to do about an ethernet cable in a large residential building? The 4G/LTE intercom will solve all your problems. No more cabling nightmares. 

The 2N® LTE Verso carries calls in the best possible sound and picture quality. It barely uses 0.5 Mb for an average conversation (10 seconds). So, the cheapest data tariff from your operator will be more than sufficient.

The distance between the intercom and answering units will no longer be a problem. The 2N® LTE Verso is connected to internal answering units through the MY2N cloud. All configuration and administration is done remotely using the 2N® Remote Configuration service. You and your building manager will certainly appreciate this, since it will save you time and money associated with service calls. 

And what about the benefits for residents? You can customise the 2N® LTE Verso to meet their needs. A Bluetooth reader lets residents open gates from the comfort of their car; all they need is the 2N® Mobile Key application. At the same time, visitors can choose from a directory of residents. But how? A touchscreen display shows a list of contacts. It works just as simply as on a smartphone. The display can also show a touchpad to enable residents to enter using a PIN code. Our 2N® LTE Verso solves all your problems and makes life easier for you and your customers.