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Integration Summer: Remote reception has never been a hotter topic
Posted on Friday, July 10, 2020
Integration Summer: Remote reception has never been a hotter topic

Guarantee your tenants safe parcel deliveries. Save costs by not needing a receptionist but still know about people’s movements through the building.

How has the pandemic affected our line of business? Everyone has seen a rise in online purchases, and packages need to get to customers safely. According to Adobe Analytics, the volume of online sales in the US has grown by 49% in the last month alone (Meyersohn, 2020). How can we guarantee tenants safe package delivery without needing to meet couriers in person? In the same way, how can you share information with tenants and maintain contact? Do you have any idea who might be moving around in the building? Fortunately, we enjoy working with innovative companies. We can quickly create solutions that help enormously with these situations, even in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Operate your reception area remotely 

Offer customers a combination of 2N IP intercoms and the Carson App. With this smartphone app, you can supply a 24/7 remote reception service to let operators communicate remotely with people, such as postal workers. The postal worker calls the intercom-equipped camera, the operator verifies their identity over the phone and opens the door to the parcel storage room. The application also lets you share the latest information about the building and house rules with tenants. Save on costs for receptionists without sacrificing convenience to property residents.

PIN or QR-code entry? 

We have joined forces with EvTrack in Europe and South Africa and developed a contactless building admission system that gives your tenants full control over their visits. Using the web portal, the tenant enters a visitor’s contact information in advance. The visitor receives a one-off PIN or QR code to open the door. The visitor enters the PIN or QR code at the entrance and… voilà! The door opens! Have we already mentioned the option to integrate a thermal camera? You might find this feature useful, too. The intercom and motion detector collect all information, which is then combined into a single report. If something unexpected happens, you can get the most up to date information about people who may be stuck in the building.