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Integration Summer in the DACH region: Connect us even to KNX
Posted on Friday, July 3, 2020
Integration Summer in the DACH region: Connect us even to KNX

2N products like talking to home automation systems and to Cisco Unified Call Manager too. Take advantage of this in your next project.

Did you know that KNX is the most widely used home automation protocol in Germany? You asked us about compatibility a lot at exhibitions and we were always happy to answer in the affirmative. In order to connect these systems, you need to incorporate an IP gateway into the infrastructure, but that’s a standard part of home automation these days. Thanks to the gateway, it is then easy to integrate our IP intercoms with the system. You can also take advantage of cooperation with our partners. For example, Loxone. Integration with this home automation solution can be used to easily connect all smart devices in a household. The user can then control them from a single panel. And we mustn’t forget PEAKnx from the German city of Darmstadt. PEAKnx recently issued a new user environment, which makes controlling all connected systems much easier!

Do you tend to work more on projects for office buildings and unified communications? Then the strongest partner for you in the DACH region is Cisco Unified Call Manager. How can this product make your life easier? Our IP intercom becomes part of SIP communication throughout the whole company. Just like other SIP telephones, it is registered with a single PBX and the receptionist can thus take calls from intercoms on their desktop or mobile phone and open the door remotely. Don’t like the idea of Cisco as a partner? The we can also recommend AlcatelStarface or Fritzbox

You may come across Milestone video management software in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries around the world. Place your trust in a global player that allows communication with our IP intercoms and access control units. But why should you do so? “The integration of access control systems with VMS has a bright future. Combine records of user entries with smart video analytics. In doing so, you will avoid unpleasant incidents and increase overall building security” says Radka Lachová, our Technology Partner Manager. 2N® Access Commander makes integration easier. The 2N® Access Commander plugin for Milestone acquires records of entries from our intercoms and readers and sends them to the Milestone xProtect program. It’s that simple!

Do you have a more complex project? Are you connecting not just video and access control systems, but also fire protection systems, lifts and perimeter protection? Then take a look at our new partner ADVANCIS. Their WinGuard platform integrates IT, communication and the security system, as well as the building management system. You can now connect our IP intercoms to this open PSIM platform. The facility manager will sing your praises, because you will be making his/his work so much easier. He/she will be able to communicate with visitors, open the door for them and receive security notifications from a single interface.