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Integrate 2N Intercoms With Axis Camera Station With No Compromises
Posted on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sept. 2, 2020 - What does fully-fledged integration offer you? Two-way audio, cheap licensing and adding extra intercoms to ACS with a single click.

With the latest firmware for 2N intercoms (version 2.30), we bring you complete integration of all our intercoms with AXIS Camera Station software. Our intercoms now use the AXIS Vapix interface for integration.

What are the advantages of the new integration?

Two-way audio – the intercom can place a call to the operator’s IP telephone or AXIS Camera Station software. The operator can also call the IP intercom directly from ACS software. In this way, they can actively talk to a person who may be loitering suspiciously near the building entrance.

Licensing – the software recognizes our intercoms as Axis devices. All you need to add an intercom is a Core licence. The intercom must have an Enhanced video licence or Gold licence loaded.

Quick addition of intercoms to the software – AXIS Camera Station automatically searches for 2N IP intercoms in the network. The administrator then adds them to the system with a single click.

Video from the 2N IP intercom – the intercom sends video to the surveillance software. The operator can watch this live, record or even use it for the purposes of a security audit at a later date.

Pop-up window – when a call comes in or an alarm is triggered, a window pops up for the operator with video from the IP intercom. This means they know what is going on outside the door and can begin to address the situation immediately.

Opening the door – the operator opens the door from the monitoring window of the selected intercom with a single touch of a button.

Listen in – the operator can switch on audio monitoring for a selected intercom. This means they can immediately hear what is going on outside the door.

Predefined rules – when adding an intercom to the software, a button for opening the door and calling the intercom is automatically assigned to the intercom. The administrator can also manually create additional rules.

AXIS Camera Station software also comes as an application for mobile phones and tablets. You’ll find it preinstalled on our 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 answering unit. Your customers can livestream from AXIS cameras or IP intercoms on their answering unit whenever they want.