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Take Advantage of Inner Range Integrating 2N into its System
Posted on Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Take Advantage of Inner Range Integrating 2N into its System

Sept. 1, 2020 - Extensive experience with access control systems, global operations, the same approach to innovations and customers – integration between Inner Range and 2N was obvious.

Australian company Inner Range offers the smart security and access control system Integriti. The platform lets you do great things with it, such as set up access, monitor movement around buildings and connect to CCTV, perimeter control systems or intercoms. Inner Range selected us exactly for door communications and integrated our IP intercoms into its Integriti ecosystem.

What are the benefits of our collaboration for users? Security guards can accept or launch video calls and open doors. The special software driver for our intercoms also offers more advanced functions. During an ongoing call, operators can zoom in on incoming people or even suspicious objects that people may be holding in their hands.

The Integriti platform also lets operators set up covert monitoring of audio and video from intercoms. This can be launched, for example, if an incorrect access card is scanned. Monitoring access is complemented by monitoring alarms from the intercom and the operation of the device itself. The Integriti platform can also manage setting up of 2N intercoms. Don’t forget to mention that to your customers! You will save them time and worries.

At 2N, we really do appreciate integration with Inner Range, especially because of their innovative solutions. Tim Northwood, General Manager for Inner Range Europe, says: “We are confident that 2N intercoms will be a reliable and useful accessory for Inner Range customers in the United Kingdom and around the world.” Take advantage of our collaboration!

Select a suitable model from the 2N intercom portfolio, and together with Inner Range, you will be able to supply integrated security systems for university campuses, logistics centres or pharmaceutical companies. Offer solutions in over 30 countries around the world. Our IP intercoms will reliably guarantee convenient and secure building communications which users will be able to manage directly from the Integriti platform.