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China Central Television Talk Show 'Dialogue’ Uses Polycom® RealPresence® Video Solutions to Conduct TV Interviews Across Continents
Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013
China Central Television Talk Show 'Dialogue’ Uses Polycom® RealPresence® Video Solutions to Conduct TV Interviews Across Continents

Polycom RealPresence video solutions, as part of the new IT infrastructure for China Central Television’s 'Dialogue’ show, opens a door to video collaboration for China’s media and entertainment industry

BEIJING - Apr 17, 2013: Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), the global leader in open, standards-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), today announced that “Dialogue,” one of the top China Central Television (CCTV) talk shows, is now using Polycom® RealPresence® video solutions to provide remote collaboration for real-time international broadcast interviews as a replacement for the conventional broadcast satellite rentals. Polycom RealPresence solutions have been successfully used in two recently recorded “Dialogue” programs, heralding a communication revolution in the media sector.
With an aim to present amazing shows and engage with advanced views and insights, the format of the show includes intriguing dialogues involving multiple studios and international guests as the focus of the program. Traditionally, guests needed to show up in person at the studio for a face-to-face interview with the talk show host. Given the schedules of the parties involved, inviting guests used to be challenging and their physical attendance increased production costs. Now, Polycom video solutions allow multi-point, real-time HD interactions between the host and the guests, no matter what devices or equipment they use. An example is “N Questions on the Third Industrial Revolution,” a “Dialogue” episode aired on March 31, 2013 using Polycom RealPresence solutions to connect the host and more than 30 audience members from the studio in Beijing to the guests in Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong. This pilot successfully demonstrated how Polycom solutions can run production-quality HD video collaboration during a live TV program, while minimizing lead time and reducing production costs.
Polycom RealPresence solutions can scale to connect dozens or even thousands of sites and deliver HD output at 1080p, meeting all technical requirements for color reproduction, clarity and dynamic effects for TV broadcasting. As part of the solution, the Polycom® SoundStructure® audio system has an automatic microphone mixer with feedback elimination and acoustic echo cancellation to eliminate “howling” and echoing that occurs with an omnidirectional microphone in the on-premises public address system. Leveraging Multiple Input Multiple Output technology, SoundStructure offers easy installation and configuration, and allows multiple audio sources to access the system. In addition, Polycom® UC Board™, an interactive digital whiteboard, allows real-time sharing of content from the central studio or a remote studio, as if the participants were in the same room.
“Polycom has built a worldwide broadcast-level demo center and our goal is to integrate video conferencing solutions into a wide range of applications in different sectors to increase productivity and reduce communication costs,” said Steven Li, General Manger of Greater China at Polycom. “For CCTV, Polycom video solutions support real-time interactive interviews with remote guests to enable a brand new television experience, and Polycom is more than pleased to help the media sector of China further improve the way people communicate, collaborate and work.”