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152 Robbins Rd
Downington, PA 19335
United States


HuddleCamHD is a high-quality USB video conferencing camera line based out of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Model: HC-JOY-G4

Built on the same platform as the award-winning PTZOptics SuperJoy, the HuddleCamHD HC-JOY-G4 offers everything you love about serial control in one simple, reliable, super-sleek package.
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Far End Camera Controls in Zoom Video Conferencing
Posted on Monday, April 6, 2020
You can use HuddleCamHD cameras with Zoom video conferencing to gain far end camera control. This allows remote participants the ability to remotely control the PTZ camera. This feature is popular in Telemedicine and other areas where remote camera control is ideal. Learn how to set up far end camera control with Zoom in this video.