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Over 35 Years of Innovation! Gilderfluke has remained a world leader in the field of entertainment electronics, providing the entire electronic package for your project. Designing & Manufacturing Animation Control Systems & Digital Audio Repeaters used in venue attractions worldwide. Providing Digital Audio Playback Systems with a single audio track, or as many outputs as needed.

Model: USB-MbJoystick

The best kind of ‘joystick’ is one which is a model of the actual device that is being controlled by an Animation Control System. When you move the USB-MbJoystick, the actual device will move identica
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New Concepts in Interactive Shows
Posted on Monday, December 2, 2013
New Concepts in Interactive Shows Imagine an animated show that is running. Now the Br-Brain4 that controls all the movements, effects, lights, sound and video receives a signal from a sensor, audience or an operator. As a result of this signal, one or more of the figures, or even only a small part of a figure temporarily leaves the 'main' show's timeline to do its own little show. When this show has finished, all the functions that left the 'main' show then seamlessly return to it as though they had never left.

That's exactly what the Br-Brain4's PopOut shows allow you to do.