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Digital Projection Premiers 3D Lineup
Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2009
Digital Projection Premiers 3D Lineup

By Pro AV Staff

Digital Projection (DPI) followed up on their Ttian 1080p-3D with the addition of a complete range of products with active 3D capability to the Titan, Lightning, and iVision product families.

DPI now offers two active 3D projectors in its single-chip projector lineup: the iVision sx+ 3D, with standard zoom lens; and the iVision sx+W-3D, with a short-throw ratio fixed lens. Both are compact and lightweight for portability and feature a Magnesium cabinet.

The Titan 3D product line comprises eight different projectors, each with Texas Instruments' three-chip DLP technology. The Titan chassis houses DPI's wide bandwidth active 3D electronics, which support sources with up to a 120 Hz vertical refresh rate. Available with either SXGA+ or 1080p native resolution, the Titan 3D models are offered in either dual- or single-lamp configurations; each of the two-lamp options can be further customized in high-brightness or ultra-contrast configurations. Collectively, the Titan 3D series offers up to 9,000 ANSI lumens and a 5,000:1 contrast ratio.

For active 3D applications, the Lightning 3D offers the same source compatibility and imaging capabilities as the Titans, but produces up to 21,000 ANSI lumens and 4,000:1 contrast. Both high-brightness and ultra-contrast version of the Lightning 40iSX and Lightning 1080p-3D are available, for a total of four Lightning 3D models.

According to the company, Titans and Lightnings are robustly build and quiet, suiting them well for a variety of immersive applications, such as military simulation, scientific visualization, motion-based entertainment, commercial cinema, and theme park attractions. Both series models also include DPI's new FastFrame technology, a combination of hardware and firmware that reduces the artifacts and image blur often associated with rapidly moving displayed content.

For 3D applications that require extreme mechanical rigging or precise mechanical alignment, the Titan 3D products can be ordered with DPI's RapidRig flying and stacking frame, which comes standard on Lightning 3D models.

Other key features of the Titan and Lightning 3D models include high bandwidth input, Double-Flash Matrix Processing, low video delay from input to screen, sealed optics, direct DVI inputs, up to 16-Bit color, DPI's ColorMax calibration capabilities, efficient lamps for the Titans, and long-life Xenon illumination system for the Lightnings.