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We’ve Improved Our Access Units. What Can You Look Forward To?
Posted on Friday, November 13, 2020
We’ve Improved Our Access Units. What Can You Look Forward To?

Nov. 13, 2020 - From now, all our access units* will run on the new 2.0 platform. Until now, this was only used in our combined multifrequency readers. What then does the transition to the new platform offer you?

Greater speed, reliability and flexibility

We’ve now equipped our RFID readers with our very own RFID chip. This increases card reading speed by more than a third. Development of the chip is performed completely in-house, meaning we can ensure a maximum level of card reading reliability and flexibility. Proof of this is the new, secure version of the 13.56 MHz reader. It can also read iCLASS Seos type cards by HID.

Simpler installation

Installation technicians also have a reason to celebrate, since the new platform makes their work easier. From now on, they will no longer need to order an RJ-45 pigtail to install our access units. This connector is already part of the motherboard of 2N Access Unit 2.0.

Bolder signalling

Signals for the access granted and access denied states using lights has also been innovated in the RFID version. The original LED indicators in the top right corner of the unit have been replaced with a bold pictogram in the middle of the device. This has already proven itself in our multifunctional RFID readers and is why we also decided to use it in our other RFID access readers.

And we’ve saved the best for last. Despite all these improvements, the price of the new version of our access units remains the same.

Are you interested in our improved access units? Then you will definitely be interested in their new order numbers.