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Journey of 2N® Indoor View from its Initial Design on Paper to its First Installation
Posted on Friday, September 25, 2020

Sept. 25, 2020 - 2N wanted to create the most stylish answering unit ever. We managed to do just that. See our video for the product’s journey on its way to conquering the residential market!

Our colleagues from the R&D team started getting to grips with the 2N® Indoor View answering unit immediately after the first sketches were put down on paper by our designers. They started preparing the first prototypes on 3D printers, and then the process of testing began. We tested the mechanics and the interface of the 2N operating system. We then fine-tuned everything to ensure that your customers would be completely happy with the product.

Each unit is inspected manually during production at our plant, which is situated in the very heart of Europe. We have done everything in our power, and now it is up to you to make use of the 2N® Indoor View unit’s potential.

Take a look at the unit’s journey in our video!