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Extreme Endurance Test Of The 2N® Ip Verso Intercom
Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2020
Extreme Endurance Test Of The 2N® Ip Verso Intercom

Sept. 10, 2020 - Once for all – yes, you can install the 2N® IP Verso outside! No, you don’t need a protective roof! Though rain was the very least of the 2N® IP Verso intercom’s worries in our test.

We have IP and IK certificates. You can find all of this in the technical specifications, but we’ll give you proof, not just promises. We took an intercom from the production line and tested its durability in an extreme combined test. So what did we do to our best-selling IP intercom?

Temperature change of 100 °F

Do you know what is worse for electronics than extreme temperatures? Alternating extreme temperatures. We first froze the intercom in a special chamber, reducing the temperature to - 40 °F. After 30 minutes in this arctic cold, we heated it to a scorching desert temperature of 140 °F. After another 30 minutes in this baking heat, that should have been enough. But not for us. We repeated the whole process three times!

Cannon ball

We pulled the frozen intercom out of the chamber. The product is at its most fragile at temperatures like this, and then we hit it with a ball. Not on the metal frame, but on the camera and touchscreen display. It was quite a blow, but the intercom stood up to the impact and could still make calls. Are you wondering whether the test affected the mechanics? We were convinced that it hadn’t and verified this with the very next test.

Water test

Immediately after hitting it with a ball, we showered the 2N® IP Verso intercom with a water jet for 5 minutes. And what do you know! The intercom could still make calls. Do you find that hard to believe? The intercom’s advantage is a great mechanical design where so-called wet zones are separated from the internal electronics. The intercom has special grooves which drain off any excess water. Together with cleverly placed sealing, this makes it impervious to rain.

We did for a moment toy with the idea of putting the intercom back into its packaging and selling it since there was nothing wrong with it, but we only sell new intercoms! One of our product managers took it away and now has it on his table. Connected and ready to prove at any time that our 2N® IP Verso intercom cannot be stopped, even by extremes.