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The Summer of Global Integration: Integrate 2N Solutions Into Projects Around the World
Posted on Monday, August 17, 2020
The Summer of Global Integration: Integrate 2N Solutions Into Projects Around the World

You already know about the systems you can connect our products to in certain countries. But do you also know about our global integration partners? Find out who to join forces with on international projects!

Our products are synonymous with reliability and security. You can link them with very elaborate security systems thanks to open protocols, which is also why our customers demand them for the most challenging projects around the world. And when the subject is security, it pays to join forces with the best.

Complex Security Systems

Our main partner in security systems is Genetec. The company’s flagship product is the Security Center platform. Security Center’s feature is that you can use different interfaces to control our intercoms, camera systems, access control devices and other security tools. For other security systems solutions, you can also contact PRYSMEla-soft for its Gemos system, and Gamanet for its C4 system.

VMS (Video Management System)

Milestone is our key partner in VMS. This integration mainly simplifies work for security operators. They can easily monitor and evaluate video-recordings from multiple cameras, including 2N intercoms, through a single interface. We also work with Digifort and Network Optix in VMS.


If your portfolio consists mainly of office projects, then your clients will certainly be interested in effective solutions for administrating communications. The most critical component is the IP branch switchboard and its connection to intercoms. Our main partner is Cisco. We are not only compatible, but all our IP intercoms and access systems are certified for full integration into Cisco Unified Communications Manager 12.5. In addition to the Cisco, we also recommend solutions from AvayaAsterisk and Wildix.

Retrofit Installations

Have you ever executed a project in a historic building where a new communications infrastructure cannot be installed? Then you must know how difficult it is to install any modern communications system! Our joint solution with our partner NVT Phybridge can help you. Switches from NVT Phybridge can guarantee IP connectivity using the existing mains in any building. Get them for your next similar installation and they will save you plenty of obstacles!

Household Automation is Essential

Nowadays, everyone wants a smart household. If you haven’t yet found a reliable partner for household automation, choose Crestron! Users can easily accept calls from a 2N intercom to its corresponding interior unit. They can see who is visiting immediately on the display and open the door with a single click. They can also easily control lights, heating, exterior blinds or the interior display unit. Our other partners in luxury residential projects are Control4Loxone and Schneider.