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How to Sensitively Perform a Retrofit Installation in a Historic Building?
Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2020
How to Sensitively Perform a Retrofit Installation in a Historic Building?

Take a look at how our integration partner in Milan went about this project. The reason why the client decided to have IP access control fitted is also interesting.

The last loss of a key cost our client EUR 1,500. They had to change the lock on the main entrance door and also replace all the keys to the building held by residents and non-residents, where several floors are used as office space by companies. The client decided to change over to IP access control where regular keys are redundant.

The client’s other requirements included enhancing the competencies of reception and the creation of two levels of access reflecting the differences between residents and non-residents. In this way, the client wanted to increase the level of security throughout the whole building. The Art Nouveau building underwent recent renovation and premium products by 2N became an integral part of this project. 

The integrator, Due Esse/Domoiot, fitted all of the three main entrances with 2N® IP Verso intercoms with a Bluetooth and RFID reader. Another two RFID access units protect the entrance to the cellar and the utility room. Keys were thus replaced by universal chips. The system is complemented by 13 2N® Indoor Compact answering units with a minimalist design and tempered glass surface. 

Building reception supervises all the entrances. The receptionists have a PC with 2N® Access Commander software from which they manage the entrances to the building and monitor the status of the access units in real time.

It was thus possible to create a safer and much more practical system, which has several additional security features. Even if somebody did manage to slip through the main entrance door, they would not make it any further into the building as there are another two entrances secured with 2N intercoms between the main door and residential units.

Reception can see what is going on everywhere in the building thanks to intuitive and clear software. Has somebody lost their RFID chip? In the new system, all you need to do is deactivate the old chip in a matter of seconds. The risk of a stranger getting into the building is resolved. Simply put, the modern system was the perfect fit for this historical building, where it increased security and convenience of access, while preserving the distinctive Art Nouveau character of the building.