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Offer Smart Housing. Offer 2N and Crestron Together.
Posted on Friday, June 5, 2020

Crestron is one of the best providers in home automation, and our IP intercoms get on well with the best. Complete compatibility means more projects where you can use our products.

Crestron has a great application called Crestron Home. It lets your customers control their households directly from their phone or tablet. The app controls individual devices, such as lights, music, blinds or locks. But specific actions can be linked. When a customer arrives home, they open the door with their mobile phone via a 2N® IP Verso intercom with Bluetooth reader. Crestron Home then automatically switches on the lights, opens the blinds and starts playing some music.

But the Crestron Home application is not only for controlling and switching between individual scenarios. Residents can set up many things themselves. Switching on lights in the bathroom on the second floor in the evening? The owner probably wants to soak in the bath. Some smooth jazz would go well with that. A few taps in the application and music starts to play. But what about automatically playing music when it switches lights on in the bathroom in the evening? The owner can easily set that up themselves. Next time, they can spare the effort to set this up and can enjoy their bath a little longer.

Compatibility between 2N and Crestron products is excellent. Crestron easily finds 2N intercoms and immediately incorporate them into the system. Our intercoms support the RAVA protocol and easily call touch screens from the TSW series by Crestron. They can even call up to 16 panels at a time.