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Control Our Intercoms with PISM Software by Prysm
Posted on Friday, May 15, 2020

AppVisionTM software by PRYSM makes work easier for security managers and can help resolve crisis situations in real time.

2N intercoms are now a part of AppVisionTM PSIM software by French company PRYSM. PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software provides a quick overview of what is happening in a building. It connects various security devices and systems into a single interface.

It is easy to get your bearings in the software. AppVisionTM can graphically display  entire buildings or even cities. Individual security devices such as cameras, fire sensors and now also 2N intercoms can be located on maps. Users can receive calls from intercoms or view video from an intercom’s camera with a single click in AppVisionTM. During emergency calls, the system immediately offers users a list of other functions, such as activating alarms, remotely opening doors or contacting security.

Integration of the AppVisionTM solution with our intercoms can help resolve crisis situations in real time and therefore strengthen security. Where can AppVisionTM be applied? In any building or complex, public infrastructure, transport or secure municipal projects.