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Award-winning Retirement Village

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Award-winning Retirement Village
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Award-winning Retirement Village


Bournville Gardens Retirement Village offers both alternative and traditional care for people 55+. With 212 apartments, including 80 bed care home and health centre, it can provide a place for 300 residents. Due to the number of residents, retirement home employees and visitors, a fully - integrated intercom and access control system were a must. The integrator, Total Integrated Solutions, in cooperation with our partner CIE had to prepare and put in place an extremely user-friendly solution.


Simple and intuitive system for both visitors and residents

The ability to answer the door from anywhere with the 2N® Mobile Video service

Integration with the TV system improves the usability

Routing of calls means no one is left waiting at the door

Easily expandable for additional entrances or residents


The final access control system consists of 2N® IP Force and 2N® IP Vario intercoms and the 2N® Mobile Video service. The robust 2N® IP Force was installed by a parking gate in case assistance from a site admin would be needed. A 2N® IP Vario with physical buttons, backlit phone book display and keypad was mounted by the main entrances. From there, both reception and a particular resident’s apartment can be called.

Provided that the resident is not at home, the call can be transferred to their tablet or smartphone via the 2N® Mobile Video service. When the call is not answered after a while it can be sequentially routed to a staff member. Also, the video from the intercom’s camera appears on the resident’s TV if they are called. Based on the camera view they can decide whether to answer it or not.


The 2N access control system ensures nobody unwelcome gets on the grounds. The system is easy to use and also benefits thevisual and hearing impaired residents. For example, the intercoms have pictograms signalling the process of calling and clear labels on the buttons. The physical buttons are dedicated to speed dial, reaching reception, security or the care team by one press. Mounted lower on the wall, the intercoms are comfortably accessible even for wheelchair users. The final project was eventually awarded the Combined Security & Fire Solution of the Year for its deliberately designed, cost effective and future-proof infrastructure.