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A7 Office Center: Transition from analogue to IP

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A7 Office Center: Transition from analogue to IP
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A7 Office Center: Transition from analogue to IP


The facility manager, CBRE Group, required the modernisation of the obsolete decentralised system of analogue intercoms that were installed on the original premises of the now modernised administrative buildings and shops at the A7 Office Center in Prague.


Modernisation of the obsolete access control system

Video monitoring of entrances to buildings and visitors

Uniform management of access points

Clear directory of contacts on the intercom display


2N® Helios IP Vario intercoms with a camera and display were located at each entrance to the 3 selected buildings. These allow visitors to choose the required company and specific employee or department from a list. Intercoms were also installed on individual floors inside the building, where they are located in the area where people exit lifts, allowing visitors to call the reception of selected companies on the floor. The intercoms are connected to a 2N® NetStar exchange with a licence for 60 SIP clients, which were supplied as part of the proposed solution. Companies, tenants on the premises, were equipped with a Grandstream IP video telephone capable of receiving an image from the installed intercom. The connection between the new and original PBX was ensured via a CO/AVL card for companies that already had their own exchange.


The result of the project is a consolidated access control system that includes video and allows uniform management of all access points from one location. In the initial stage, communication was consolidated in three administrative buildings of this extensive complex. The integrator ARYKA IN-WEST chose 2N® Helios IP Vario intercoms for the solution, which meet the client’s requirements, thanks to their built-in camera and the option of uniform management of access points via the 2N® Access Commander system.