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2N is Protecting Public Schools in Virginia

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2N is Protecting Public Schools in Virginia
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2N is Protecting Public Schools in Virginia


Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) was looking for a solution that would provide its staff with an opportunity to evaluate visitors via cameras and intercoms before allowing access to the buildings. A number of buildings would include an electronic keyless access control for specific staff members. Most of the school buildings have vestibules that create a separation from the exterior entrance and the office area but neither the exterior nor the interior doors were secure. By securing both doors through managed access control using 2N’s IP intercoms integrated into the schools existing phone system, a secure “man trap” was created providing a higher level of security and a greater peace of mind for staff, students and parents.


SIP-based intercom, compatible with the school’s telephony system (in this case CISCO’s Call Manager)

Vandal and Weather resistant intercom, powered over the existing PoE network

Ease of staff administration and training, as the 2N system, communicates through the existing phones

2N tech support guided installers through quick installation


2N’s open platform IP Intercoms would easily integrate into the schools current IP telephony system. By means of this integration, when the intercom button is pressed, it triggers a predefined/ programmed group of phones to simultaneously ring. Staff assigned to allowing access can then view a video of the caller prior to answering on the existing video phones or on a free software pop-up on their computer. They are then able to answer and have a conversation with the visitor. If the assigned staff are busy or cannot answer the call, it automatically rolls to other predefined recipients (forward programming to groups or individuals is unlimited) phones, computers or (optionally) mobile devices. The school already had an IP camera solution in place, so the 2N intercoms were added to the doors along with additional IP cameras in the vestibules. The additional cameras were integrated through the Intercoms allowing for one VMS solution for all IP cameras and intercoms on site. Restrictions for use were programmed into the VMS system, increasing security. Once the visitor has been evaluated and screened they will be let through via the staff members IP phone – no need to leave their station.


The staff is now able to view the visitor and ask questions via the 2N® Helios IP Force. If the request to enter is deemed appropriate, the exterior door would be released through the IP phone. The visitor would enter the vestibule where they may undergo a secondary screening. Once this has taken place, the staff can grant or deny the request for further entry. If the entry is granted then the secondary door is remotely released allowing entry to the office. At this point, the visitor would be issued a “Visitor’s Pass” to continue into the other areas.