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Microsoft's journey began at a time when traditional "face-to-face" meetings experienced a critical challenge, exacerbated by global changes due to COVID. This period coincided with the realization that the locations and work dynamics of corporate teams needed a lasting transformation.

For more than a decade, several organizations across Microsoft have been working together at its working laboratory called, The Hive. The purpose is to build meeting room experiences of the future, including new hybrid meeting experiences. From the operation of meetings, optimizing the display of video streams on screens, tailoring furniture and audio to create an elevated experience, every aspect of the meeting is considered.

The primary goal of the Hive team is to consistently improve Microsoft's global workplaces. They work diligently to explore more effective collaboration methods, guarantee genuine inclusive and accessibility for all in hybrid work setups, and optimize Microsoft Teams, their communication and collaboration software. Moreover, they aim to lead the way and set a high standard for the global community, sharing best practices with users worldwide to improve standards for everyone's benefit.

Microsoft and Jupiter partnered to create an enhanced hybrid experience for the Teams platform. This effort led to the design of meeting spaces with a Front Row layout specifically tailored for ultrawide enterprise displays.

Initiating a groundbreaking movement and driving global change, Microsoft deployed Signature Teams Rooms in its offices worldwide, which included standard meeting rooms to executive offices, and extended to remote branches.

Microsoft headquarters in Redmond utilizes many Jupiter Pana 105s for its employees to access meetings to host partners and end users. This allows them to experience firsthand what the future of Teams Rooms can deliver. © 2023 Jupiter. Jupiter is a registered trademark of Jupiter Systems, Inc. Setting a Standard: CASE STUDY | Microsoft Redmond HQ, Image credit : Salamander Designs The swift adoption of the Front Row layout can be credited to a collaborative approach where technology leaders come together to demonstrate their convictions through actual deployments.

Microsoft leads by example and highlights the advantages of integrating Jupiter displays into Signature Teams Rooms.

Signature Teams Rooms comprise all the elements to ensure the ultimate hybrid meeting experience. While the display takes center stage with Front Row delivering remote participants, everything from furniture, mounting, cameras, audio and lighting have been designed to ensure the best inclusive, accessible and collaborative experience using ultrawide 21:9 viewing guidelines.

Many vendors such as Legrand | AV and Salamander Designs have partnered with Jupiter Systems to ensure its products are compatible with Signature Teams Rooms. The team at Jupiter works with vendors to ensure the Front Row layout scales at the correct resolution when broadcasting to a 21:9 visual canvas, or the mounting is at the correct level, among others.

When industry leaders partner to shape the best future of meeting and collaboration experiences, it pulls everyone forward and delivers on the end goal: through leading products create better meetings and collaboration experiences.