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Datapath X-Series Controllers Bring Immersive Digital Experience to IKEA

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Datapath X-Series Controllers Bring Immersive Digital Experience to IKEA
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The challenge 

IKEA is a brand that has revolutionized home furnishing with its modern, Scandinavian designs and competitive price tags. Its Wembley store tasked projection mapping specialist Motion Mapping with bringing visual drama and interest to its workspace section using a projection mapping installation. The retailer had seen another of Motion Mapping’s projects and although they initially wanted something similar, the idea developed into an immersive digital experience. 

Motion Mapping had to turn the project around within a short timeframe of six weeks to minimise disruption. In addition, the team had to work during opening hours and were not able to shut off the nearby walkway so had to work while customers were walking through. 

The solution 

Among the creative efforts Motion Mapping delivered is an art wall made up of empty picture frames which fill with ever-changing animated images. The doors of wall cupboards are also used as projection screens for amusing and informative animations, and an interactive table lets customers view a range of home workspace setups.  

To bring this enthralling installation to life, Motion Mapping used the Fx4 and Hx4 display wall controllers from Datapath alongside Green Hippo media servers. 

A stand-alone display wall controller, the Datapath Hx4 is a cost-effective control system which is both easy to use and simple to set up. With it, different sections of the input image can be chosen for each output and manipulated as necessary. 

It is a popular choice for advertising boards, corporate signage, and live event visuals, and has the capacity to run a single 4K HDMI source across four HD outputs in ultra-high definition. It is efficient too; a media server that needs five outputs from a graphics card is a lot more taxing and expensive without a device like a Hx4. As the entry level model to Datapath’s X series it offers value-for-money splitter functionality, along with Datapath’s trusted reliability. 

Motion Mapping has extensive experience using Datapath’s range of multi-display controllers. 

Stuart Harris, creative director at Motion Mapping explains: “The Hx4 is cost-effective and is more than adequate for a project like this. In fact, since the Hx4 offer such reliability and value, Motion Mapping now keeps a stock of them. It just makes sense to include one in a whole range of installs because it helps us get more out of the server.” 

Alongside the Hx4, Motion Mapping used the Fx4 controller which has a dedicated DisplayPort1.2 loop through output which allows users to link multiple devices. This is specifically designed to prevent any loss of resolution while the original capture signal remains unchanged, helping to create the multi-screen artwork and projected cupboard displays. 


Harris is enthusiastic about his ongoing relationship with Datapath: “Motion Mapping doesn’t buy this kind of technology from anyone else. We know that the Datapath kit is simple and reliable. It just makes everything work, and the people we speak to there are experts in their field, so they are always quick to respond to any queries.” 

Harris continues: “From IKEAs point of view the installation has been a success because dwell time has increased, and customers are much more interested in what’s on display. Other IKEA stores are also interested and paying compliments. Besides that, it has triggered IKEA into considering other potential projects and given them ideas.”