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Located in southeast Iowa, Bloomfield is home to the Davis County Mustangs, the town’s high school football team. For years, the school district searched for a sound system capable of high-fidelity performance and excellent coverage control for the team’s playing field, Mustang Stadium. This solution would be used not just for home games, but also for events like marching band competitions and graduation ceremonies.


Mark Doubet of DB Acoustics was tasked with installing the sound system. He determined that Biamp’s Community LVH906WR loudspeaker would provide the power and clarity needed for Mustang Stadium. Designed for extraordinary support in larger venues, the LVH-906 is a large format, horn-loaded triaxial array that maintains pattern control below 400Hz. Its weather-resistant construction is perfectly suited for the demands of an outdoor venue like the stadium, ensuring a level of durability capable of withstanding the cold winters and summer rains of Iowa.

The LVH-906 was installed on top of the stadium’s scoreboard and was covered with a custom scrim featuring the school’s logo. “We were very happy with the results and will continue to work with this solution on other stadium projects,” Doubet said.


The school district is extremely pleased with the performance of the sound system and has received positive feedback from the local community, noting how football games have become more immersive and enjoyable since the install. “We’re very pleased with the sound system…it’s not even comparable to the prior system. It feels as though you’re at a professional stadium,” said Davis County School District Superintendent Dan Maeder.