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Datapath and IRTS collaborate to create Military Command & Control field deployable display walls

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Datapath and IRTS collaborate to create Military Command & Control field deployable display walls
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Datapath products are at the heart of the world's most reliable and secure display wall solutions.They offer a wide range of options from single capture cards to full control room systems, with options for high security interconnects over fibre and even mobile deployment.

Here, we see how the French armed forces are benefiting from an easy to deploy, dependable and secure mobile command and control room solution.

The Challenge 

The French Army and Police had a requirement for a consumer off the shelf (COTS) display wall solution to create a mobile command, control, communications, computers and intelligence centre (C4is) for scheduled field and emergency field deployment.

The solution needed to be reinforced and secured for military theatre deployment as well as easily transportable and also needs to accept a wide variety of inputs and provide outputs to 9x46" display screens in a 3x3 video wall configuration 

The Solution 

Datapath worked in close collaboration with French Military contractor IRTS in the creation of the new IRTS range of commercial off the shelf field deployable display walls. With over 20 years of expertise in this sector, IRTS have built a rich portfolio of semi-rugged, rugged or ultra-rugged display solutions for military or non-military applications.

All of IRTS' products make use of Datapath's video capture and display cards. Laurent MartinCommercial Director at IRTS said; "We use a wide range of Datapath capture and display cards in our products. They offer the extreme levels of reliability that our customers demand in live military command and control situations. Every input and output of every card is checked by Datapath before it is shipped to us. That level of quality is only offered by Datapath".

IRTS offer several pre-configured mobile solutions, created for the French armed forces, Police and Emergency services. As a base system, the Datapath VSN970 nine card chassis is used, or for larger solutions, the VSN1170 11 card chassis with a combination of capture cards and display cards. Everything is connected using the locking Datapath ActiveConnect DisplayPort fibre cables. The ActiveConnect cables ensure quality and speed of data allowing a 4096 x 2160p signal per channel at up to 5.4Gbps.

Brian Coe, Sales and Account Manager for Datapath France, said: "The VSN series chassis enable us to put together bespoke solutions for IRTS and their customers. These powerful and versatile controllers can run at optimum efficiency with no cooling concerns – essential when they are used in a mobile or temporary environment."All the display wall solutions offered by IRTS use a range of Datapath capture and output cards within a Datapath VSN chassis. Brian Coe explains, "The cards used in the IRTS C4is solutions can all be used with our ActiveConnect DisplayPort over fibre connectivity technology. This gives the systems we create NATO TEMPEST A Electronic Emissions security, "Making this one of the most secure mobile systems available".As well as offering high levels of data integrity via NATO TEMPEST A certification and USA NSTISSAM Level 1 certification, the system cases are rated to IP67 against water and dust ingress during transport. The full system can be assembled by two operators within 20 minutes and used on uneven ground.