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An Education on the Art of Sound

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An Education on the Art of Sound
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An Education on the Art of Sound

35 years in the making, all the way from its old Clifton College auditorium down through the years as a classroom, storage room, home for wayward birds, bats, and ghosts, the 3rd Floor at the Bosque Arts Center has a renovated look and a new name, the Frazier Performance Hall.

Acoustics have always been a strong suit of the auditorium, long before the use of microphones and electronics.  Ken Dickensheets, internationally recognized acoustician and sound system designer from Austin, is responsible for the new sound design of the 3rd floor.  He and his talented team’s goal was to create nothing short of an exceptional sound experience for visitors to Frazier Performance Hall. 

The centerpieces of the sound system are the Fohhn digitally steerable line array speakers and the Atlas subwoofers, provided by Atlas Sound out of Ennis, TX.  AtlasIED is the exclusive distributor of Fohhn sound systems.  One main feature of the system is the ability to “aim” the sound so that it covers the audience evenly front to back and side to side while preventing the sound from going where it is not needed.

The Frazier Performance Hall is one of the first performance venues in the US featuring the Fohhn line arrays which have earned a sparkling reputation in the concert halls of Europe. 

Complete with a brand-new facelift, this beautiful auditorium is now preparing for its return to grandeur and the world will hear it all with AtlasIED Sound.