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Eiki Projection Technology Helps Keep the Congregation Engaged at St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church

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Eiki Projection Technology Helps Keep the Congregation Engaged  at St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church
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Eiki Projection Technology Helps Keep the Congregation Engaged  at St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church
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Bright, short throw results in vivid rear projection

Tampa, FL - November 2015… Guided by its mission to Love, Orar (Pray), Give, and Evangelize, St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church offers its congregation a wide range of ministries aimed at keeping its congregation actively involved for a rewarding religious experience. In order to help ensure that weekly services are engaging and meaningful to its congregation, the Church recently took delivery of projectors utilizing 3LCD+One technology drawn from the catalog of Eiki International, Inc.

Magnum Audio Group, Inc. of Tampa, FL was contracted to handle the installation of the church’s new projectors. After meeting with church management to determine its goals and expectations, Randi Crooks, the firm’s President, who oversees system design and implementation of the company’s projects, decided to deploy two Eiki LC-HDT700 7000 lumen ANSI projectors. He discussed his reasons for selecting Eiki.

“St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church offers both contemporary and traditional services,” Crooks explained. “Like most churches these days, there is a renewed focus on making certain the congregation is actively engaged in order to make the worship experience more meaningful. Music plays a vital role in their services and the ability to project a variety of images, lyrics, and other content was considered a crucial element in their efforts to keep services relevant. Our decision to install the Eiki LC-HDT700 projectors stemmed, in part, from their 3LCD+One technology, which offers unparalleled brightness and color saturation for a wide range of applications.”

The two Eiki LC-HDT700 projectors are configured for rear projection with the two units residing on pedestals positioned behind the screens. The LC-HDT700 projector provides 90% uniformity and a 2700:1 contrast ratio. These units have native 1080p resolution and are compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA—enabling them to receive content from a wide range of sources. “The 3LCD+One technology found in these projectors delivers rich, vivid color imaging,” says Crooks. “Whether the content is video, images, or even a PowerPoint presentation, the result is a bright, clear picture that stands out and captures one’s attention. The two LC-HDT700’s were the ideal projectors for this installation. Brightness is excellent and the lens configuration was perfect for the throw distance we had to work with.”

With today’s multi-faceted AV installations, questions inevitably arise during the deployment of equipment. The ability to reach support technicians who are well-versed with both the gear and the nature of how it is used is crucial to keeping projects on schedule. Here, too, Crooks was very complimentary of Eiki International. “Eiki’s John Schippers and Robert Welson are incredibly professional individuals and a joy to work with on the technical support side,” Crooks reports. “Likewise, Steve Rubery, the company’s National Sales Manager, has helped us time and time again during the design stage of many of our projects.”

St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church’s new projection system was installed in May of this year and was placed into service for the first time in early June. Since then, Crooks has received many compliments. “The church is extremely happy with the system we installed,” he says, “Many of our other parishes have viewed this system and wish to do something similar in their facilities. Eiki International delivers first-rate products and offers quality support services to back them up. This is a company that I personally consider a friend and long-term business partner.”

To learn more about St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church, visit their website at To learn more about the services of Magnum Audio Group, Inc., go to

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