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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) has a long history of excellence born out of a commitment to making Charlotte, North Carolina one of the safest large cities in the United States. Through a range of innovative crime prevention, community intervention and enforcement strategies, the CMPD is working to reduce crime, increase safety, and develop proactive, long-term solutions to crime problems and challenges faced by the more than 800,000 city and county residents within their jurisdiction.


In advance of the 2012 presidential election, the city of Charlotte was chosen to host the Democratic National Convention. The event was the first nominating convention of a major party ever held in North Carolina, and it was projected to draw over 35,000 delegates and visitors. To ensure that the appropriate level of security, surveillance, and operations communications were in place, CMPD needed a complete audio/video solution that evenly distributed sound across the Command Center for weekly briefings and camera monitoring. The Command Center also required a full mixminus design for voice reinforcement.

Though designed specifically for the Democratic National Convention, the new CMPD Command Center needed to be functional and appropriate for everyday meeting and presentation use beyond the event.


While Dean Harris of Integrated Design Solutions acted as the consultant and system integrator, ClarkPowell of Winston-Salem, North Carolina designed and built the Command Center with two adjoining conference rooms-one for the chief of police and the other for general meeting purposes. An Audia® system was chosen as the solution to CMPD’s challenge because it provided the ability to customize the I/O configuration and scale to the appropriate size for the room, while simultaneously allowing for future flexibility in the system.

Using the family of Audia products to their fullest, ClarkPowell tied all three rooms together with one large digital matrix switching system, with video conferencing capabilities in each room. The Command Center has a 3x10 (0.9m x 3m) video wall made up of ultra-slim bezel LCD displays and is equipped with 28 microphones specifically designed for use with true mix-minus audio systems.